Manager (Patents and Trademarks), Attorney

Vyacheslav Trofimov

Manager (Law Practice)

Yauhen Pak


The system of voluntary identification and depositing of the results of intellectual activity and intellectual property objects: computer programs, literary, scenario, architectural, scientific and other works, as well as know-how (production secrets).

Depositing is an additional source of proof of ownership of rights to intellectual property objects, for which no state registration is stipulated. For this reason it is an effective element of the system of rights protection to objects of copyright, results of intellectual activity and know-how.

Depositing is carried out at the discretion of the copyright holder. The result of the depositing is the issuance of a certificate. The materials identifying the results of intellectual activity are stored by the "BelpatentService"  BelCCI for a period of time agreed by the parties. Information about deposited objects (in the volume of bibliographic data) is published on the website of the "BelpatentService" BelCCI.